General Ledger

The General Ledger uses a blockchain based, centralised and permissioned ledger as a single source of truth for all transactions.

All transactions are encrypted and once approved by aBFT consensus they are saved as immutable records.

Gile General Ledger is mirrored at all times on multiple nodes and thus provides high availability and high resilience against failiure.

Gile Process Orchestrator

API-driven tool for building, integrating, changing and scaling any type of process much faster.

Focus on the process rather than writing code.

Integrate third party services and data by combining external and internal APIs.

Move your business logic from legacy code to (A)Gile processes in order to speed up creation of new products and lower support cost.

Retail and Corporate Banking

Gile comes with a full suite of retail and corporate banking products like current accounts, loans, savings, mortgages and credit cards.

Most Gile banking products are implemented as smart contracts and hold both the legal side of the contract, and product servicing.

Smart contracts are digitally signed by the customer and the bank and serve as a single source of truth for all the bank’s positions, current and historical.